Showreel 2016.

tomorrowisclosed is a motion graphics studio producing anything from title sequences to visual effects for film, television and corporate clients.

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Client: BBC1

Production: WallToWall

Design/Animation: tomorrowisclosed

Client: CCTV China

Production: LionTV

Mapping and title cards created for documentary Confucius.

Big Box Little Box

Client: Endemol/ITV1

Give A Pet A Home

Client: Endemol/ITV1

Title sequence completed working with HelloYes collective.

Client: BBC2

Production: Silver River

Mapping created for the series The Ascent of Women.

Client: Just//Works

Design/animation: tomorrowisclosed

Sound design: Minced Beats

Idents created for Nimbletank.

Nimbletank is a new breed of mobile agency that creates a sweet spot between strategy, creativity and effectiveness in mobile. 

Sting created for thebioagency, the Digital Change Agents.

Collection of graphics/3d and compositing produced for a number of projects.

Production : Hoop-La

Client : Tullamore Dew

Client - Evrythng

Animation - tomorrowisclosed

Information graphics explaining Evrythng. EVRYTHNG is a software engine for creating Active Digital Identities. These are unique online profiles for products and other objects to make them part of the Web. Now every physical thing can be digitally connected.

Ident, created with Tilt London for Media Guru, India.

Design: tomorrowisclosed

Production: Lion TV

Client: BBC2

tomorrowisclosed designed and animated this title sequence for 'Meet The Romans' for BBC2. We still live in the shadow of Ancient Rome – a city at the heart of a vast Empire that stretched from Scotland to Afghanistan, dominating the West for over 700 years. In this series, Prof Mary Beard puts aside the stories of Emperors and armies, blood, guts and gore, to take a completely fresh look at the ancient city and meet the real Romans.

Compositing/3d: tomorrowisclosed

Client: Sky Atlantic

Production: WeldedTandem

This Is Jinsy was background creation, beard vomit, screen replacement, footage for screen creation, bridge building in 3d, particle creation for snow, heads for seagulls, seagulls, windows in a tower, muck all over windows in a tower, landscape outside tower, electrocuted dogs, electrocuted beauty queens, a quarry, a shed and quite a lot more. This is a small selection of shots from the eight 30 minute episodes of This Is Jinsy. Completed for Sky Atlantic.

Design/Direction: tomorrowisclosed

Production: 10 Star Entertainment

Client: ITV1

tomorrowisclosed designed and animated this title sequence for 'The Choir Thar Rocks' on ITV1. An entertaining documentary series that tells the real stories of people from all over Britain united by one common desire… to sing in the inspirational Rock Choir. 

Design/Animation: tomorrowisclosed

Client: Channel4/

Production: Infinite Media

Titles for a new baking show on Channel 4 starring Eric Lanlard. 

Design/Animation: tomorrowisclosed

Client: BBC4

Production: Silver River

Titles for 'An Intimate History of the Home', a BBC4 show starring Dr Lucy Worsley.

Design/Animation: tomorrowisclosed

Client: BBC4

Production: Silver River

Animations illustrating the historic passing of time; If Walls Could Talk, a BBC4 show starring Dr Lucy Worsley.

Titles for the series 'The Supersizers Go...' aired on BBC2. Completed for Lipsync Post.

Intro to Mister Eleven, an ITV drama starring Michelle Ryan. Completed for Lipsync Post.

tvn Warsaw/Worldwide seasonal channel brand. Completed for tvn (Warsaw).