Corporate Showreel.

A collection of recent work for clients in the corporate sector.


Using film, 3d GFX and animation we can bring your information to life, tell your story and put a smile on your face. 

Working with independent directors, editors, producers  and illustrators we are able to produce valuable content seamlessly whilst being cost effective.


Client: HAVAS Just::
Design Direction: tomorrowisclosed
Audio Design: Minced Beats

Just:: Health Communications is now HAVAS Just::
This tells the story of our brand evolution.



Production-Clarence Films


Credits: Written by Martin Wolf

Designed and animated by Edward Dalton, Scott Wallace, Ben Marshall

Character animation by Kevin Francis

Sound design by Danny Rowe

Graphics created to be shown at the Citibank Champions Forum.

Animation created for AstraZeneca to outline their input during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Stings created for Citibank.

Animation completed for Connected Pictures.

Animation created for I-Motus.